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  • Come join KTEP Book Club with our host Louie Saenz and guests Glenn Allen and Richard Kaufman to talk about Played: The Games of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Here on KTEP!
  • Emily Booher is a studio cellist, composer, and El Pasoan living in Mexico City. She recently recorded a Tiny Desk concert at NPR headquarters.
  • There is a group of motivated women in our community that are working toward creating a public botanic garden to inspire a deeper connection to nature, and foster a greater understanding of plants.
  • In April, Daniela Ordaz spoke with Julie Newbold, Public Affairs Coordinator at El Paso Animal Services about her advocacy for pets to feel loved and safe in welcoming homes. During the awareness month they try to increase education but there is a team that works diligently year-round to make sure the campaign reaches people in the El Paso community. In this web story, we point out some of the initiatives.
  • Come join KTEP Book Club with host Louie Saenz who will talk with John Cochran about his newest book Breaking Into Sunlight. Here on KTEP BookClub!
  • Angel Cabrales, is an Assistant Professor in Sculpture at UTEP. He views everything as an artistic resource and utilizes this in all his creations.
  • Born of repurposed instruments augmented with 3D printing and robotics, the Fiddle Henge is a robotically controlled array of four violins mounted on a 24" bass drum that is played by Ross Whightman. He spoke with Dr. Lindsey Macchiarella about his instrument and upcoming performance in El Paso.
  • Tune in this 4th of July for a special edition of the Morning Jazz with hosts Sarah Vasquez and Amy Smith. Our hosts are teaching artists who came to visit in representation of the El Paso Jazz Girls organization!
KTEP Radio Shows
ACT Radio
Welcome to ACT Radio -- Animal Concerns of Texas, with co-hosts Elizabeth Walsh, and Tom Linney. Every second and fourth Sunday evening at 7:30, we offer a unique program that focuses on animals, and related issues such as vegetarianism and the environment. You can listen to past shows that include host Greg Lawson, who passed away in November 2022.Everyone loves animals, and yet animals are the most helpless and victimized members of the living community. We believe with Gandhi that "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."Most people have no idea the horrors our animal friends undergo in zoos, circuses, rodeos, experimental laboratories, and factory farms and slaughterhouses. Through the airwaves and elsewhere, we seek to be a voice for the voiceless and to promote change through education and expanding awareness and compassion.We discuss the ways our society exploits animals, and how drastically this abuse affects human interests concerning health, the environment, and our level of connectedness to life. We offer new visions for how to heal the breaches in our social world and in our relation to the natural world. We believe that animal liberation is the next great liberation movement on this planet, and that by promoting respect for nonhuman animals, we are advancing human moral evolution.ACT brings you the latest news about animals, from local concerns to global issues, from vegetarianism to animal rights activism. We also feature lively interviews with people involved in the animal welfare and animal rights movements, from local folks to well-known figures who work toward the same goal of promoting a New Enlightenment in our relations with other species.
El Paso Prime Time
PrimeTime is an informative interview program about economic development, mobility, security and quality of life issues in El Paso and surrounding areas. The program features interviews with leaders from government, non-profit and military sectors as they offer their strategies for improving the lives of their stakeholders. PrimeTime is hosted by ardent El Paso supporter Richard Dayoub. He offers insight to the listener based on his relationships as past President of the Chamber of Commerce and experience working in the travel industry. Mr. Dayoub continues to stay informed on what is happening in the borderland as founder of Thunderbird Management Consulting.Produced by Daisy MoralesShow runs for 29:00 mins.
Focus On Campus
Focus on Campus devotes time to recognize the latest and greatest on the UTEP campus. Louie Saenz, gives the lowdown on shining athletes, faculty and students. The show also includes information on ongoing research and university programs affecting our campus. It's everything you need to know about UTEP.
Good To Grow
Gardening in the El Paso Southwest has always been a challenge. Enthusiasts have to contend with a variety of problems: scarce annual rainfall, less than ideal soil composition, and extreme temperatures among others. But southwestern gardening aficionados always seem to find a way to keep our desert blooming, beautiful and fruitful.Each Saturday, Good to Grow will answer the many questions gardeners may have about plants, growing conditions, and proper care for El Paso’s varied gardens.Good to Grow won 1st place in the annual Texas Master Gardener Conference in 2010.Helpful Links:El Paso County Master Gardners Monthly Gardening TipsEl Paso Master Gardners Facebook
KTEP Newscast
Newscast from Monday through Friday from the KTEP Newsroom. Hosted by Aaron Montes with direction from Angela Kocherga, KTEP News Director.
On Film
On Film has aired weekly on KTEP since 1993 and covers contemporary and classic films, filmmaking, film industry developments and the talents of local filmmakers through insightful interviews, reviews and commentary.
Science Studio
Science Studio is a fascinating 30-minute look into the ever progressing world of science. For nearly fifteen years, the show has taken in depth looks into all aspects of scientific researches and discoveries. Hosts Dr. Keith Pannell and Dr. Russell Chianelli, discuss their concerns on health and the environment. With two educated science connoisseurs, Science Studio helps you understand the inner workings of today’s science.Science Studio also features Medical Discovery News, a weekly program that provide insights into a broad range of biomedical science topics. Biomedical science is research that addresses human health – from the study of important molecules, to clinical trials of new drugs and therapies. The story of these areas is a window on the future of medicine. We will also offer important basic information about your health. Our hope is that these episodes stimulate you to think, question and appreciate how science impacts you and your world. Medical Discovery News is produced by the University of Texas Medical Branch.
State Of The Arts
State of the Arts is a weekly 30-minute program focusing on the arts community of El Paso. Hosted by dedicated art enthusiast Marina Monsisvais, State of the Arts provides listeners with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how creativity is shaping our community. Marina interviews local visual artists, writers, dancers, singers, actors and directors, as well as regional talent exhibiting or performing in El Paso. The show gets to the heart of what inspires and drives artists to do what they love best.
The Book Club
The Book Club on KTEP is a weekly program that highlights best-selling authors, local authors, and independent authors of note. The show not only takes you into the books' characters but into the mind of the writer. Crime, memoir, history,'s all covered on our popular program!
We Are UT El Paso
Keith Pannell, Professor of Chemistry, hosts a new weekly series of conversational programs featuring the creative faculty of the University of Texas at El Paso. Highlighting faculty from all colleges and departments the listener will access their individual stories describing the events that sparked their curiosity in their particular fields and their drive for excellence. From concert pianists and theatre actors and producers to world leading environmentalists and virologists, you will amazed at the talent and personalities of this group here in Far West Texas. It is this talent that has resulted in the fabled Carnegie R1 Status for our university.Theme music for the radio program was provided by Dena Kay Jones. You can learn more about her music at
Weekend Perspectives
The Weekend with Louie Saenz covers local issues such as politics, health, and an inside view on what’s happening in El Paso.These insightful, intelligent conversations will give you a deeper understanding about El Paso’s people, lifestyle, and culture.
Words On A Wire
Conversations with Writers, Artists, Thinkers.Hosted by two professors from the Department of Creative Writing at UTEP, Words on a Wire has become one of the most established and influential radio shows on writing and creativity. sa__enz_and_chaco__n_from_season_one_image.jpgTwelve years ago, it was hosted by Benjamin Alire Sáenz and Daniel Chacón. After Sáenz retired, Tim Z. Hernandez joined the team, and we have been going strong ever since. Our shows are available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and YouTube.Airing locally Sundays at noon, each week Tim or Daniel have a conversation with someone whose work they admire, poets, fiction writers, philosophers, scientists, musicians. Because they are writers themselves, the main focus for the hosts is books, and if there’s a new one that they love, they welcome that writer on the show. We have had guests from first-time writers with new books to the world’s most established thinkers, such as former and current US Poet Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and great thinkers who have dedicate their lives to making the world a better place.Words on a Wire is Co-produced by Creative Writing MFA candidates Claudia Flores Ramirez and Iliana Pichardo Urrutia.
Music Programming
Audio Aftermath Radio
Relive the music of "Underground FM" from the mid-60s to the mid-70s! Prog rock, psychedelia, folk rock, blues, English blues, Canterbury scene, southern rock, folk, all arranged in thematic sets with historical narrative. And it's all played from original vinyl LPs and singles. Two hour-long programs each week, hosted by Dan Wardlow. Fits the NPR Special Programming clock too!For playlists and information about Audio Aftermath Radio, click here.
Audiosyncracy is an innovative, one-hour program of unusual music, hosted each Sunday by Jamey Osborne. The show features new music from artists in the contemporary acoustic domain, though pegging the music into a specific term is difficult. Called "new age" by some, the music is vibrant and diverse, ranging from solo piano and guitar to exotic instrumentations, arrangements and styles from independent artists and labels from around the world. Independent musicians provide about 90% of the music heard on the program.
Best of Gospel
The Best of Gospel has been on the air for over thirty years. Bettie Robinson was the original host for the show and her memory continues to shine through Black Gospel Music each Sunday morning. Connie Austin and Felicia Chamberlain play the latest in contemporary gospel, along with old favorites. DJ Billy Paul has joined the broadcast with mass-choir music. The show provides listeners with an inspirational feeling.There are announcements on the the latest events occurring in our community, including entertainment or educational information. For request please text 915.800.7727. You can also message information on announcements.
Folk Fury
Folk Fury is a three hour program that incorporates various types of music. Folk music has a history of being passed down from one generation to the next. For centuries folk music has brought cultures together. With Host Dan Alloway and Gregg Carthy, Folk Fury brings forth the pure harmonic style of folk. Folk Fury first aired in the 1960's, but faded out for most of the 70’s. The show was resurrected in the 1980’s by Alloway and Marvin Rosenbaum.The show exposes you to music you cannot easily find in our area. With unique blends of bluegrass, blues, western swing, progressive country and of course, folk music, Folk Fury allows you to explore the simpler, yet rhythmic side of life.
Friday Night Blues
Friday Night Blues features the best blues from yesterday & today. The program is hosted by Sam Cassiano and features everything from old scratchy recordings of the early 20th century, to the latest in blues rock. You can enjoy hearing all the joys and pains of life from great artists who capture every emotion with a belting harmonica or an electric guitar. Sam plays blues from around world, but no matter where the music comes from, it all hits the hearts of listeners with power.
Monday Night Jazz
Two hours of the best mainstream jazz, from the past up to the newest releases.
Wednesday Evening Jazz
The best in mainstream jazz from the classic era to today's artists.